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Channahon’s Three Rivers Festival helps facilitate community-based activities and services through an annual Financial Support Program. Organizations may apply for funding to create, expand, or develop programs, services and activities that directly benefit Channahon area residents. Funding is derived from Three Rivers Festival proceeds.


Funding is open to organizations, local governments, and businesses to allow them to create or expand community services that directly benefit residents in Channahon and adjacent unincorporated areas.


A maximum of $1,000 will be awarded per application. Total annual funding available varies each year.

Applications should be for programs, services, and activities that will be completed within one year from the date of application, unless an extension is requested at the time of application.



Finalist selection will be made by a subcommittee consisting of the members of the Three Rivers Festival Executive Committee; the two Citizen Representatives to the Three Rivers Committee; and the Village of Channahon Chief of Police or his designee. The selection subcommittee has the full and final discretion to determine and make awards.

Funding will not be approved when the proposal results only in a financial gain or benefit to the organization requesting the funding, without a community benefit.

Successful 2019 applicants are asked to complete a post project report, detailing the use of funds, for consideration for 2020 funding.

Applications from groups who did not receive funding in the previous year, may receive priority consideration.

Applications from organizations that have supported the Three Rivers Festival financially or with volunteers will receive priority consideration.

Applications for services and activities reaching the highest number of residents, or filling significant community needs, may receive priority consideration.

Applications for the Channahon’s Three Rivers Festival Support Program can be requested from, and should be submitted to:

Via email:

Via mail:

Channahon’s Three Rivers Festival
P.O. Box 531
Channahon, IL  60410

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